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Microliter Dosing Syringe
Delivers single, preset microliter dose volume from 5 through 150 microliters
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Microliter Multi-Dosing Syringe
Delivers multiple, preset microliter dose volumes from 50 through 500 microliters
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Flexible Dosing Syringe
Delivers single, user selectable injection dose volume from 0.05mL through maximum syringe volume
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Viscous Dosing Syringe
Enabling injection of viscous formulations using standard syringes and fine gauge needles
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Versatile, compact, easy to use self-injection platform, able to deliver highly viscous drugs
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Minimizing drug waste and maximizing number of doses from a single-dose or multi-dose vial
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Our purpose is to enhance the clinical and commercial impact of injectable drugs that have unsolved,
emerging and hard-to-address delivery needs.

We design, develop and supply innovative, versatile drug delivery device platforms that incorporate standard primary containers, such as third-party pre-fillable syringes.

Our portfolio has been developed in partnership with multiple pharma and biotech customers who trust our domain expertise, and value our passion, innovation, responsiveness and integrity. We always strive to work in congruence with our customers, community and environment.

As subject-matter experts in ophthalmic drug delivery, we invented the award-winning Microliter Dosing Syringe – which established us as the leader in small-volume drug delivery. We have further expanded our portfolio to address compelling drug delivery needs found in variety of areas, including viscous drug delivery, multi-dosing, variable dosing and minimizing drug waste.

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Product Platforms

We have developed several innovative, versatile drug delivery device platforms that address a range of compelling needs.
Our devices leverage standard, third-party primary containers, selected either by our customers or through Congruence. 

Awards & recognition

Selected as part of BLUE KNIGHT™ by BARDA and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS


Selected as one of the awardees for the JLABS @ Washington, DC Children’s QuickFire Challenge


Winner of PDA Drug Delivery Innovation Award for work in partnership with Santen Pharmaceutical, Inc.



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