Congruence Medical Solutions LLC


Congruence Medical Solutions, focusing on the development of device solutions with the aim to accelerate vaccine deployment, selected as a BLUE KNIGHT™ company

May 2021

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. May 2021 – Congruence Medical Solutions, LLC (“Congruence”) has been selected by Johnson & Johnson Innovation –JLABS and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), as a BLUE KNIGHT™ company. 

Congruence was selected based on its compelling and credible ELDOTM technology, that aims to address an area of significant unmet need in this current and in future pandemics. This selection recognizes alignment of Congruence ELDOTM technology with Blue Knight area of focus. Congruence ELDOTM technology has the ability to extract extra doses from vaccine vials without the need for specialized low-dead space syringes or needles.  

As a Blue Knight company, Congruence will receive additional JLABS @ Washington, DC residency benefits with access to dedicated mentorship from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and BARDA to help advance Congruence’s ELDOTM Technology. This technology, once deployed, aims to amplify vaccine countermeasures by increasing the number of doses available from existing vaccine vials of various vaccines currently authorized for emergency or other use. In addition, the Congruence ELDOTM Technology could simplify and streamline procurement of injection supplies for administration of vaccines.

“Congruence looks forward to joining JLABS @ Washington, DC and Blue Knight to channel our unique expertise in microliter dosing to minimize inherent waste when using vials and conventional syringes” said Gautam Shetty, PhD, Founder and CEO of Congruence.


Blue Knight is a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a component of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that aims to stimulate innovation and incubation of technologies to improve health security and our nation’s response to health threats and emerging infectious diseases. More information about BLUE KNIGHTTM can be found here and here.

About Congruence Medical Solutions, LLC

Congruence is a privately-held company based in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Congruence has pioneered development and commercialization of innovative drug delivery device solutions for applications involving microliter dosing. Congruence is currently working in partnerships with several pharmaceutical companies to design, develop and supply novel injection devices involving Microliter doses, Flexible dosing across wide dose volume ranges, Viscous drug delivery devices, and minimizing waste with microliter injection volumes.