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SPECIAL FEATURE – Injection Devices: Three Trends Influencing Development & Delivery

September  2022

Congruence Medical Solutions: Innovative Devices to Solve Compelling Problems

New scientific and market “fron­tiers” drive changes in drug delivery, and ophthalmology is an example where frontiers are creating com­pelling drug delivery problems.

Congruence has partnered with multiple pharma companies to ad­dress changing ophthalmic in­jection needs. The result is Congruence’s Microliter Dosing Sy­ringe (MDS) module, which attaches to any standard prefillable syringes. It improves safety, ease of use, and effi­ciency by enabling simple dose setting and priming, accurate microliter dos­ing, reduced injection force, and re­duced drug waste, says Richard Whelton, Head of Marketing and Business Strategy at Congruence.

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