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The ELDO™ is a Vial to Syringe Transfer solution that helps reduce drug waste by maximizing the amount of drug extracted from a vial. It is customizable to various vial sizes, is easy to use and is shown to extract more drug from a vial than standard syringes alone. Congruence was selected as part of Blue Knight™ – a join initiative between Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS and BARDA to advance this solution to minimize vaccine waste.

  • Multi-Use per vial or Single-use per vial
  • Disposable (one per vial)

Key Benefits
  • Minimizes drug waste for low dose volumes
  • No additional steps compared to typical transfer device use

  • IP Protected
  • Samples available for clinical/preclinical use

Drugs and vaccines are commonly provided in vials. Since transfer from a vial to an injection system is required, some additional volume is filled in the vial to account for dead space in syringes and needles, and user inefficiencies – this additional volume is “overfill” and is typically wasted. In addition to increased cost, lost revenue, pharmaceutical waste also represents a sustainability issue.

In applications involving small volumes, the overfill can be significantly larger than the indicated dose volume, and the overfill problem is cumulative in multi-dose vials (e.g., vaccines).

ELDO™ technology helps utilize this overfill and prevent drug waste. ELDO™ can reduce waste and maximize number of doses for drugs in multi-dose vials or low injection volume from single-dose vials; these include vaccines, insulin, compounded medications, cell therapies, gene therapies and other expensive or scarce medications.


Illustrated here is an example where ELDO™ approach is compared with conventional approach for vial to syringe transfer.

For a 2.2mL vial fill volume, seven (7) 0.3mL doses were extracted and dispensed with ELDO™ compared to five (5) 0.3mL doses with a conventional syringe and needle only.

~94% of the vial fill volume was drawn and injected with the ELDO™.

Additional data available upon request

Key Needs Addressed Microliter, Minimize Drug Waste
Device Type Vial-Syringe Transfer System
User Profile HCPs, Pharmacists, Self-administration
Administration Route Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intravenous
Primary Container Vial (Multiple Sizes)
Usage Multi-Dose or Single-Dose; Disposable
Dosage Type User-selected
Dose Volume N/A
Viscosity N/A
Injection Time User Controlled
Priming & Dose Setting Manual
Needle Attachment N/A
Needle Safety N/A
Injection Feedback N/A
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Instructions for use available upon request